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2016 Service Plan - Fairfield Co Sheriff Leadership Team

Steve Conrad getting ready for park season - 04-16-16

Brian Kuhn with Dave Smith on Lancaster Mayorship - 04-09-16

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Recent Lancaster News Events

Featured Speakers at the Nov 24, 2015 Fairfield County Legislative Update

US Congressman Steve Stivers on ISIS, Russia, Energy, and Ohio Governor John Kasich at the Fairfield County Legislative Update on 11-24-15

Regional Director Stephen White speaks for US Senator Rob Portman at the Lancaster Ohio Legislative Update on 11-24-15

Ohio Senator Troy Balderson on Education Scholarships, new Energy Plan updates, and more on 11-24-15

Ohio Representative Tim Schaffer on Education Reform, Drug Testing for Entitlements, and more on 11-24-15

Lancaster & Fairfield County classics

Historic Lancaster Ohio

A little movie of pics of Lancaster Ohio in the 1930's - produced by James Brooker 

Lancaster, Ohio Looking Back 1938

2012 Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan spoke to an crowd of 5,000 supporters in downtown Lancaster Ohio. 

Historic Fairfield County Ohio

A brief video tour of Fairfield County, Ohio featuring covered bridges & museums.

PBS documentary on Sherman Ohio home museum

1987 visit by Jack Hanna to downtown Lancaster Ohio